Bring it on, October.

Seriously amazed at the fact that it is OCTOBER. I keep saying how fast this year has gone by, but I feel like September didn't even bother to make an appearance this year. With that being said we are officially less than three months away from our wedding. THREE months people. Still waiting on the moment when it hits me and I start freaking out an switch to bridezilla mode but it just hasn't happened yet. I am just ready to do the dang thing. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed this process but  I am ready to be married. Thirteen months may have been a little too long of an engagement....le sigh.

Brace yourselves pumpkin flavored everything is coming

I just keep imagining the morning of the wedding, when I am sitting there with my mom and closest girlfriends surrounding me, getting my hair and makeup done. I long to know what I will be feeling at that exact moment. That moment when it hits me that I am getting ready to marry my best friend. I long for that moment because everything will be done, no more planning, no more finalizing the tiniest detail that only I will ever notice, that moment that all that's left to do is meet Sam at the end of the aisle and promise God that I will love him with everything I have. What a glorious few moments that will be.

Until then, it's back to planning. Just a few short months, a couple more showers, a bachelorette party, a bridal luncheon, and a rehearsal dinner away from our special day. The countdown begins!

and just to keep myself organized here are my October goals (as if writing them on a public blog will actually make me do them...hmm..we shall see.)

  • Finalize the location for getting ready. checked this one off this morning. whoop!
  • Place a final order on all wedding related items left to purchase.
  • Send invitations out to be addressed.
  • Start on said wedding projects.
  • Finalize Luncheon details.
  • Send off ceremony details for the programs.
  • Pick up our wedding bands.
The more I type the more excited I get! Bring it on, October!
Also- today marks one year until our dearest friends Haley and Devin tie the knot! We are super excited! This will be the fastest year of your life, enjoy every minute of it! We love you both!




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