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Okay, so I wasn't planning on posting anything until I get back from Brett and Sara's wedding, however I felt the need to share some of my thoughts on a pretty popular subject since wedding season is in full swing.  

What do you wear to a wedding?!?

Only after I picture text all my closest friends and try on a dress a billion times, do I feel slightly comfortable in an outfit to wear to a wedding. So here are some of my tips to make picking out your outfits, a little easier.

So for a beach wedding:

Adorable summer dress. #dress

Try something along this style. A sundress that fits closer to the body, to avoid any wind blown catastrophes, and flats so you can walk in the sand and  your cute pumps don't get messed up!

Summer/day time wedding:

summer clothes -- summer dresses, summer dress

Summer is hot, especially if it is a tent or outdoor wedding. Go for a light, flowy dress (to provide some air flow for when you're about to die of heat exhaustion) and cute pumps or wedges. This outfit is perfect for a June-August wedding.

Religious/Church wedding:

Cute dress, cute picture!

My girl, LC always gets it right. A dress that comes down to the knee, and has a sleeve is always the way to go for a religious ceremony. Modest is hottest.

Black tie optional/night time wedding:

love that middle dress...a few inches longer.

Any of these three would work. Go for semi formal/ cocktail dresses with your hair done and some cute heels. You won't have to worry about being over dressed!

and for a Black Tie wedding:

formal dress

A long formal gown is the way to go for black tie. Sometime more simple and elegant. Stay away from poof, sparkles, and high splits.

A few more tips to remember:

*Stay away from white, cream, or ivory. The bride is the only one who can rock those.
* Avoid wearing the colors of the bridesmaids and/or wedding.
*Black can only be worn after 6 pm.
*Nothing revealing or too sexy.
*No jeans or flip flops, no matter how casual.
*Always bring a wrap or jacket, you never know if you'll get chilly.
*Don't forget your dancing shoes!

Hope this helps answer any questions!



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