Please excuse my rant..

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a decent week thus far. Mine has been pretty uneventful. The boyfriend did take me out to eat at Olive Garden and Krispy Kreme on Sunday night. He knows the way to my heart. Before I go on don't forget to enter for my giveaway! It ends on Saturday, so get the word out! I'd hate for anyone to miss it, even though it is only a cute tote. But you can't ever get enough of those, now can you?

Moving on...

I am going to rant for just a few minutes. When did girls stop being classy? I absolutely cannot believe some of the things I have been seeing on my social media sites lately. It breaks my heart. Nice girls cussing in every post, talking about their "sex life", and posting pictures that could be in Playboy. KEEP THAT MESS TO YOURSELF. Do what you want on your own time, but don't post it for the world to see. My lanta. When did it become socially acceptable to openly talk about your business all over the place? I hope you're not wanting a big girl job when you graduate because I can guarantee that where ever you apply will be checking out your facebook, I am sure they'll love your bra and pantie photo shoot. There are some things that can just stay off instagram, twitter, and facebook. Also, when did it become cool to swap boyfriends around or date your friends ex? Is this a new trend that I wasn't informed about because quite frankly it creeps me out. I would NEVER want my friends sloppy seconds. No way Jose. For the life of me I will never understand that. Maybe I am just being ridiculous, and that's okay. It is my opinion and I am entitled to it, but these things are becoming more common every time I log on and it is starting to freak me out.

its called facebook not boobbook

Okay, I am done. Keep it classy ladies.



  1. I am not on FB but I can only imagine! That stuff is there FOREVER!!!!

    1. I don't think people understand that! Crazy!

  2. I think it's so freakin weird when a girl dates her friend's ex! One of my sorority sister's recently became FBO with another sister's ex-boyfriend, and everyone's been liking the update & commenting "omg such a cute couple!" I can't imagine having to see that & pretend to be okay with it. It would hurt my feelings big time.

    Also- Olive Garden & Krispy Kreme?? Those are two of my absolute favs!! In fact, my boyfriend took me to both for my birthday last week! hahaha

    1. That is horrible! My friend and her boyfriend just broke up, and now her friend is talking to him, posting pictures of them together, ect. I could never do that to a friend! Crazy!

      and olive garden and Krispy Kreme are my FAVORITE too. That is so funny!

  3. I totally agree!


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