hip hip horray, it's hump day!

Gooooooodmorning. Happy hump day! I can't believe that it is almost the weekend already. Usually I could care less about the weekend because I am usually working, but somehow I get ALL DAY Saturday off. I am not entirely sure how this happened because this never happens unless I am out of town. Which also very rarely happens. Any who, I am way excited because on Saturday I am going to the Tearoom with Sam's Mom, and sister-in-law Laura, her mom, and my mom. We're just missing Sara and her mom, but we'll be sure to sip some tea for you two lovely ladies. I have never been to a tearoom so I am super pumped. If you're an avid hot tea drinker, what are some good flavors to look out for? The only tea I drink is cold and sweet. But I am excited to broaden my horizons.

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But until my Saturday arrives I have three more work days. Luckily I go in at 3 today and tomorrow so I get some "me" time. I slept a little later today, pured me a bowl of Reese's cereal (don't judge me) and I am about to pour me some coffee and start the new book I downloaded last night. It's called Forever and it is written by Judy Blume. I hear good things so we'll see. I am pretty sure its a teen book but whatever.

Have a great Wednesday and don't forget to enter my giveaway, only a few days left!



  1. It's great to have an unexpected Saturday off. Enjoy it!

  2. Let me know how the book is when you finish! I saw it at Target and always wanted to grab it but never did. It looks like a short easy read and sounds really good. I'm glad you get Saturday off. My old job never gave me weekend days off and I remember being so psyched when I got one Saturday out of never! haha! Hope all is well!


    1. Thank you, I will totally let you know about the book!


  3. Reeses Puff cereal is my FAVORITE! :)

    1. It is so good, I could probably eat the whole box in one sitting!

  4. I read teen literature all the time and without shame! Hahaha hope the book is great!


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