That one time I hung out Jake Owen.

So, wondering where I've been? 
It has been one crazy crazy week. So let me bring you up to speed. 

My Uncle owns his own construction business, and while they were living in Nashville he got hooked up with Jake Owen and did some work for him. Well, last week he got a call from Jake and he was asked to come back to Nashville and do some more work for him for a few weeks. Lucky thing. Since my aunt stayed here while my uncle went to work, Jake, being the nice guy that he is, sent her free tickets and meet&greet passes for her and the family. Well shoot, sign me up. So I spent my Thursday night with Jake, we went to the concert. It was a blast. I could have done without all the drunk girls trying to take their clothes off everywhere, but hey, whatever. 

On Friday after work I had dinner with my sister. It went far better than I ever imagined. The power of a praying family is incredible. If you're a bit confused by this, you can catch up here. Thanks for all of your kind comments and tweets. It went so well that we ended up meeting Sam, my brother Bobby and his wife Jenn after for dessert. Whoop.

My cousin is having her baby shower tomorrow and I cannot wait! So many babies! I'll be sure to post tons of pictures with my new camera...that I still don't know how to use. :) 

So with all this being said-- I am thankful for country music, a ton of prayer, and cute babies! 

Thank the good Lord, and a Veteran, it's a four day weekend. 



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