Friday's Letters and what not..


So I've had the worst case of bloggers block lately. So until something interesting happens in my life to blog about, I'm linking up for Friday's Letters.

Dear work-- You're taking over my life, but I'm not complaining.

Dear Tan- Sorry I haven't been able to soak up the sun lately, and you are fading fast, but I am enjoying all the money in my pocket. So I will sacrifice all those rays for now.

Dear Sam-- You're currently dressed in a Batman mask calling yourself "Bat Sam" never cease to amaze me. Thanks for dinner, and my coffee, you're the best even if you are a tad special.

Dear Headache-- Go away, you're starting to annoy. I can't get anything done until you leave.

Dear new iPhone-- I've been able to go and get you for a while now, but you are so far away and I really want a cute case before you arrive. So until I have time to order a case, my upgrade will continue to be put on hold and my poor little 3s will have to suffice.

Dear Jumping Java-- Thank you for being better than Starbucks, your German Chocolate blended is like heaven in my mouth.

Dear Sister-- It's getting easier to let you go everyday. Luckily I've gained a few more girls in my life that I can look up to now. God always has a plan.

Dear Puma-- Thanks for making some amazingly comfortable shoes. My feet thank you.

Dear Jay-- You are filthy, and you need to be detailed. I will get around to doing that soon, I promise.

Dear Kindle-- You are still my favorite, and I am sorry for neglecting you lately. I have had no free time to read, and I can't decide what to read next. I will make time for you soon, I promise.

Dear Sunday-- Hurry it up, thanks. Finally I get the whole day off, and Sam has it off too. So if you'd quit taking your time to get here so I can lay out and relax that would be fabulous.

Dear Josh Duhamel and Fergie-- You both are currently filming 30 minutes away from my house and everyone else has run into you but me, where are you hiding?

Dear Gold Jack Rogers-- My old pair are wearing down fast, and I really need to purchase you. Could you just appear at my house and make things alot easier? Thanks.

Dear Followers-- Thanks for continuing to read, even when my posts are lame. My count keeps growing every day, and I can't say thank you enough!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!



  1. Work is keeping me from the sun too! My tan (that is also fading) is from self-tanners. Which is good since it is better for your skin- but come on! A tan from the sun always makes a girl feel pretty!

  2. are josh & fergalicious in a movie together?? does she act? i know what you mean about your iphone! it doesn't feel right unless it has some beautiful clothes to slip into. when i got mine, she had to suffer a lame rubber solid pink case for a month til i finally found a cute lilly case for her! i like to refer to my phone as a she, because it's just that important to me :) hehe

    1. I am not really sure, I know he is filming a movie and she was in some kind of parade of some sort. And I have yet to find a case I like so I keep putting it on hold, I am sure the At&t store hates me by now. haha!

  3. This is a really cool idea lol Great post!


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