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Okay, okay. So I've been gone a while, but I am back. Please excuse my sketch blog posts lately, I am helping plan my brothers wedding and I've been far too busy to blog as much as I'd like. His date is September 2nd of this year, so you best believe I have been working me little fingers to the bone. Anyways, apparently I missed the "If you really knew me" trend going on, but oh well. Who cares if I am a little behind? Better late than never!

If you really knew me..

-- you'd know that my fingernails and toes nails always have to be the same color.
--I hate hamburgers.
--My cell phone's name is Ina, and she is terminally ill. I need a new one pronto.
--I buy my boyfriend more crap than I buy myself. spoiled little thing.
--My go to shopping item is a sundress. I have like a billion and one.
--I could live off toaster strudels.
--I put A1 steak sauce on everything imaginable.
--I have a routine I do every time I get out the shower, if something throws me off, I don't feel as clean.
--I love the flavor of coconut, but I hate the texture.
--I sleep with my eyes open sometimes, it's so weird. Don't judge me, I can't help it!
--I want to own my own dress shop one day. It will happen, mark my word.
--I am not an affectionate/emotional person.
--I cannot keep a digital camera. I've had at least 20 in my lifetime.
--I know all about fashion, but my wardrobe mainly consists of norts and t-shirts.
--I hate brushing my hair.
--I'm a music snob.
--I have 3 jobs.
--I love to craft.
--I have a doggy named Mumble. He's a yorkiepoo, but he loves my dad more than me.
--I can remember movie quotes as soon as I leave the theater.
--Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday.
--I am a coffee drinker.
--My favorite color is purple.
--I can be a bit embarrassing.
--I can't cook.
--I love to eat. and eat. and eat.
--I've been the same size since 8th grade.
--I have to have a fan when I sleep.
--I am not a fan of Ice Cream.
--I use lotion like 100,000 times a day.
--I have had my purity ring since the 9th grade, and it's still on my finger.
--I am the only person in my family that doesn't have a MacBook. I refuse to get rid of my Sony, I just love it to pieces.
--I always laugh when I am not supposed to. It's bad.
--My real name is Jani. I know, yuck.
--I thought my middle name (Margarite) had a "u" in it until my junior year of high school. lame, I know.

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  1. I absolutely have to have a fan on when I'm sleeping too! I could never fall asleep in dead silence.

  2. I love that your go to item is a sundress, because that is mine as well (along with cute skirts!) You just feel better in stuff like that!

    I sometimes wonder if my hubs gets spoiled more than I do... Because I definitely buy him more than I buy myself (but he also refuses to shop, so if I don't buy it, it won't ever get bought!) I wish I was the same size I was in 8th grade... jeeeealous! I am the same way you are... I always laugh at stuff that isn't funny (I am the WORST at laughing at the worst times... whoops!)


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