Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

So we all love Pinterest. I mean, who doesn't love to plan their wedding (even if they're not engaged), put together outfits you can never afford, or gawk over foods you know you don't need to eat? Well anyways, once in a blue moon I actually get around to creating something I pin off pinterest. So today I am linking up with Steph and Katie for Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. 

Today I want to share the sign I made for my brothers wedding in September.

Here's the one off pinterest. 

5 Traditions You Can (or Should) Skip from Oh Lovely Day | having a bride's side and a groom's side

(Stacy Kokes at The Sweetest Occasion.)

Here is mine:

Please excuse the crappy iPhone picture.

What you need:

An old frame, and cardboard. I recommend looking at thrift stores, they usually have them for around 10 dollars. 

Spray Paint for the Frame (any color) - usually about 3.99 at Wal-Mart

White Paint Pen- 2.39 at Wal-Mart

1) Start by painting the frame your desired color. Then paint the cardboard.
2) Let it dry COMPLETELY. 
3) Cut the cardboard to fit in the frame if it doesn't already.
4) Once it is dry, write your message on the cardboard with the paint pen, and put it in the frame.

All done! 

** It is much, MUCH easier to write prettier with the paint pen on black paint, than it is to do chalk board paint, and chalk. And it looks almost identical!** 

That's all for now! 
Link up with Steph and Katie to share your Pinterest Project!



  1. ok this is SO cute!!! We didn't have "sides" at our wedding either but I never would have thought of this!!

    Thanks so much for linking up girly! I'm definitely pinning this so my girlfriends who aren't married yet can use it!!

    1. It was a great linkup! Thanks for reading! Love your blog. :)

  2. Such a great idea! Maybe I can use it one day. Fingers crossed ;-)

  3. I saw that sign the other day via Pinterest and loved the concept! I love the whole idea of a non-traditional yet traditional wedding ;) Confused? bahaha. Thank you for the per usual sweet comment on my blog last night, sisssybelle! Honey, I was STAYING in NC! God said NO, Jess ;) haha. I might have been running and trying to create my life just a little bit...but it SURE as heck doesn't hurt when you land a job to assist you in doing that haha. We always vacationed in Wilmington growing up as a kid...nobody has to sell me on NC! It's home away from home!!


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