What I'm loving lately..

So now that we're shifting from Summer to fall...*insert fist pump here* I thought I'd share with you some things I am LOVING this fall. 

These guys...if you've never seen this show you're missing out on life. The season just started back up last night, and it did not disappoint. Take a look:

Class act I tell ya. 

Some other things I am loving:

Salt Caramel Mocha Frap. You have to try one. Trust me, you'll love it! 

Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Kelli Tall Boot - Assorted Colors

Target's selection of fall boots this year. These Kelli boots just found a new home in my closet this afternoon. 

Oh Mumford, you've done it again. 

These bubble necklaces! They can dress up any sweater this fall. 

Elf cosmetics. You can find all these wonderful items at Target. Cheap, long lasting, and doesn't break your face out. I am in love. 

What are you loving this fall?
Have a great night!



  1. Just a few things:

    I need you to educate me on Duck Dynasty.
    Have you tried a Starbucks iced, skinny, Caramel Macchiato? I need to try your mocha.
    I am loving those boots from Target.

    1. Duck Dynasty is hilarious! If you want a good laugh, I totally suggest watching an episode! I have to try the iced, skinny, caramel macchiato next time I go, I only get Starbucks when I go shopping in Myrtle. We don't have one near the beach! And thanks, Target is rocking their boots this fall, and they're cheap too! Thanks for stopping by, I love your blog! :)

  2. after reading blogs today i realized that i need to start watching duck dynasty, drinking salted caramel fraps and buying elf make-up! thanks for the recommendations

  3. ill have to go check out those boots!


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