So I saw this darling idea for a blog post on one of my favorite bloggers, Jess', blog today. So I thought I would give it a whirl. 

Currently I am..


I downloaded this on my kindle a few weeks ago and pick it up in my spare time. It is a cute book and very easy reading. I am almost finished with it, can't wait to read more from Emily Griffin. 

Thinking about:

Christmas gifts for all my loved ones. I LOVE buying gifts for other people so I can't wait to get shopping. 

 All my family and friends. I am blessed beyond measure and I have the best people to share my life with. 

Which camera to choose? I really, really need want a digital SLR camera. My little ol' digital camera went swimming this summer and hasn't worked properly since. And there is about to be lots of babies coming into the families in the next few months and you know this proud Aunt needs to document everything with some good quality pictures. I've even been to look at them several times to buy one and I just can't decide. 

Larger Front


Larger Front

or maybe even..

Larger Front please. Do you have one? What's your preference? 


That it's almost November, which means December is RIGHT around the corner. Christmas and my birthday is coming up. Ahh!

That I have already seen Christmas lights out. I LOVE Christmas time. The food, the smells, the cold, the feeling. Everything about Christmas rocks my socks. I can't get enough. 

Looking forward to:

Spending my second Holiday season with Sam and his family. 

All these babies! They will be here before we know it and I am just too excited. 

Oyster season! It's finally here! Ahh I can't wait to have that first oyster roast. Just waiting on it to get a little colder. My Family gathers around a big fire outside and pigs out on oysters and cornbread. I can hardly wait.  


Sam's Dad, Yogi, a BIG happy birthday today! Thank you for raising such awesome boys. Enjoy your day. Love ya!  


A German chocolate blended with whipped cream to help me finish the day. 

and maybe for Santa to bring me one of these.. 

Thanks Jess for sharing!
Have a blessed day y'all!



  1. I loooove Christmas time too! I've already starting listening to my Christmas playlist hehe :) Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors!! My friends warned me that Something Blue sucked, but I really enjoyed it! Idk what they had against it haha

    1. So far I don't think it sucks hahah. I started to listen to Christmas music too, I am glad I'm not the only one! :)


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