Weekend recap, Go Braves!

It's October? Where did this year go? Better yet, where did my weekend go? 

As you know, I spent the weekend in Atlanta cheering on Chipper in his last regular season home game with Sam, Will and Laura. The Braves won on both Saturday and Sunday, and to top it off, we spotted this guy also cheering on Mr. Jones. 

That's right, Luke Bryan was front and center. I even saw him shaking his thing at one point while they were playing the music. I can officially die happy now. 

The weather was perfect until we had to head home on Sunday when it decided to down pour. It was totally worth it though, we had a blast all weekend. 

Love this man. 

Turner Field! Go Braves! 

That's all for now, back to reality. 
Have a good Monday-- or at least try. 



  1. Another post with a picture of Luke Bryan?! You just became my favorite blogger hahah


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