Friday's Letters..

Dear Friday- Thank you for finally making your way to me. This weekend will be much needed.

Dear Braves- We will be there this weekend to watch you play some ball, don't disappoint. 

Dear Chipper Jones- The fact that you're retiring is breaking my boy's heart. Do it big this weekend, for him. And I'll be wearing your face on my shirt. Creepy, huh? 

Dear bedroom- Clean yourself. I know I clean you constantly, but somehow you always seem to get dirty really quickly. I'm over it. 

Dear Pinterest- Thanks for constantly reminding me of the clothes I don't own, the cute animals I don't have, and the food that I want to eat. 

Dear Fall- I am beyond excited about you. These temperatures you are bringing us are amazing. Just drop a few more degrees during the day and we'll be best friends. I am ready to bust out the boots! 

Dear Kevin and Dani- your new show makes my heart happy. I love it. Keep up the cuteness.

Dear Sean Lowe- THANK YOU for being the new perfect Bachelor. I cannot wait until January. 

Dear Christmas- Where are you hiding? Can I just start shopping nowww? 

Dear all the little babies that are coming soon- I WANT TO HOLD YOU, all four of you, pronto. I've already started shopping. Your parents are great, but you're really going to love your auntie, cousin, uncle's girlfriend. :)

Dear Sam- Thanks for being the best thing since sliced bread. I love and appreciate all that you do for me. Can't wait to spend the weekend with you.




  1. I love married to Jonas too!
    It's such a cute show :)

  2. I can't wait until January for The Bachelor too!

    Hopefully you can check out my blog sometime and follow each other :)


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