DIY Fall Pumpkin!

So in the spirit of fall, I started to make these super cute pumpkin decorations. I really liked the way they turned out, so I figured I'd do a DIY post for any of you fellow crafters! 

It is a fairly simple craft, and inexpensive too! 

What you'll need:

A carving pumpkin. (They're usually have the best surfaces to work with) 
Paint Pens in the colors you want to work with. 
Ribbon. (I used 3 different ones.) 

Getting Started:
If you think you'll need an outline for the letters, I would use a marker. 
Start by coloring your letters, you can do initials, your name, a school, anything.
 Quickly fill in the letters before the paint dries on the pumpkin. It will scratch off if it dries. 
Then outline the letters in an accenting color. 
If you decide to do polka dots, be careful not to scratch the paint off. Do it quickly. 
Let the pumpkin completely dry. 
Tie the ribbons on the stem.
You're done! 

Carving Pumpkin- $3.99
Paint Pens- $2.49 each
Ribbon- varies, usually $1.97-2.97 a roll. 

You've got a cute fall decoration, or a cute gift!
Have a great night!



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