Here's Our Story..

On this day in 2011 I met my stud of a boyfriend, Sam Hickman. I can't believe it's been a year! 

Lets take a few steps back..

September 23, 2011 I was loading up my little 'ole Jetta with a few snacks and my best friend Blair and we we're heading out on a girls weekend. We were headed to Greenville to see my other best friend Haley, then to the ECU football game, then to Raleigh for a concert. Well we arrived in Greenville just in time to get ready at Haley's and head over to her boyfriends house to catch up with some friends. I pretty much knew everyone...or so I thought. After a pit stop at CVS and a few red bulls later, we arrived at the apartment and made our way to the couch. As soon as I walk in I hear a "Hey Maggie" from across the room... now I had never actually met Sam before then, but we had plenty of mutual friends so I knew of him well enough to give him a slight nod, shouted "Hey Sam" and went on about my business.

As the night goes on he approaches me, formally introduces his self and questioning the apostrophe in my name and wondering how it's pronounced. Really great icebreaker, I know. But I was totally digging it because at this point he is making me laugh so hard, which he tends to do a lot. A few of us were gathered around the coffee table, so we decided to play Go Fish. Yes, a bunch of college students were actually playing Go Fish. The card game. Don't judge us. Little to my surprise, Sammy had never played before (so he says) and I had to teach him.......we played for about 15 minutes and a few more good friends walk through the door and I decided to split and catch up with them. (Honestly, not thinking too much into the "Sam" situation) 

He says that he kept thinking about me for days after, apparently I made a big impression or something like that :) Well after bumping into each other at the game, waving and walking on (He says he was praying that he didn't trip down the stairs while I was cute) we headed to our next destination of our girls weekend. A few days later I receive a facebook message from the stud himself hoping that we had a good time with an article about a Sun Drop obsessed lady attached to it...he's so observant in a sweet creepy way. After a few facebook conversations and ME having to give HIM my number... we were hooked. We've been crazy about each other ever since. We don't really have an official "dating" anniversary so we are celebrating our 1 year today. I am so blessed to have him in my life and as my best friend. He truly is the most spectacular guy ever. He makes me laugh, he puts up with me on my bad days, and always loves me no matter what. We've had our up's and down's and they only make us stronger. 

Very first picture together. 

And that's our little love story.. 



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