Just what I needed today..

I really wanted to do some posts about the wedding, and don't worry, I will. But while I am waiting for all the pictures to get posted and everything to calm down from all the hype I am finding myself needing a bit of encouragement today. I have a billion assignments due today, and a headache that could probably make my brain explode at any minute. I am stressed to the max to say the least. I always seem to notice things getting out of whack as soon as I start letting myself get comfortable. I have been listening to wedding music, and my new Carrie Underwood CD for the past two week, pushing my christian music aside, between school and work I have been missing church here and there and I couldn't even tell you the last time I had a chance to open my bible. I left the door open for confusion and stress to creep in. 

That all stops today. Back on track I go. We have the power to control our surroundings if we're living our life in the right way. We have the tools to handle stress and confusion. And we can find the answers to our problems if we're looking in the right places. So no matter if it's work, school, money, or we're just tired and completely overwhelmed, remember God's here for us, and if we devote ourselves to him he can change any circumstance for the better. 



  1. Hey Maggs, every time I'm in need of some encouragement..... I just read your blog..


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