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Happy Friday! 

In case you didn't know, I am all about some online shopping. Anything I can get shipped to my house, instead of wasting my gas is alright by me. So I have a few events coming up this holiday season that I need a few nice dresses for, so as I was searching through all kinds of online boutiques I stumbled upon this one. 

Have you ever heard of it? Better yet, have you ever ordered from it?

I LOVE these dresses, but I need to narrow it down to two or three. I have a wedding, a big Christmas party, and my birthday coming up. Would you wear any to those events? If so, which ones to where? Ahh this girl could use some help! 

Lps d694

I adore this one, but only for Christmas, or my birthday.

LPS d332

I also love this one too. Accent with red during the holidays? What do you think?

Lps d8493

Then I keep coming back to this one. So classic.

Lps d8843

and this one is just too cute.

Lps d71

Human candy cane shall we?

I am addicted to this site. Check it out y'all, and let me know what you think of these dresses!



  1. Okay so first of all I am OBSESSED with all of these dresses! Especially the first 2 :) Secondly, I just found your blog and am even more obsessed with YOU!! What makes me even more happy that I found you? I'm an NC girl myself!!

  2. I agree! I think the first 3 are the cutest. I'm sure whatever you wear, you'll look fabulous though! Love your blog :) I'm now following you



  3. I absolutely love the second dress! It would look really great with red too!! I've just stumbled across your blog and am now following, I would love it if you'd visit/follow mine too :) xo

  4. OK, do not panic haha. I am thinking I love the 1st {Def} and definitely the 3rd! I have a dress exactly like it except it's tan and black and I love it

  5. Love them all!!! I think the first one is perfect for birthday celebrations. The human candy cane one would be cute for Christmas haha! And the crimson/orange/gold one is way too adorable to pass up!!


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