Fall break recap..

My weekend recap on a Sunday. That's okay, right? 
Our college's fall break started on Thursday, so I've had a nice long weekend. On Thursday Blair and I headed to Wilmington to do some shopping. We've both been so busy so we really wanted some bff/girl time. We ate McAlisters, sipped on some Starbucks, and shopped til we dropped. It was much needed day away. I came home with some pretty sweet goodies too. It's always refreshing when you can spend some time with your best friend. 

On Friday I got a surprise after I got home from my lunch shift at Bart's. My two little cousins (the one's I nanny for) both got asked to stay off with their friends from school. Which means I got the night off. I can't believe how fast those two are growing up. Since I didn't have any plans I decided to go and keep Sam company while he covered a Football game for the paper. Even though I was freezing my little booty off, I had the best time watching Sam do his thing. It's amazing how fast he can write pages and pages of stats during the game, never missing a beat. I didn't want to interrupt him so I tried to stay quiet, well, quiet as I can be anyways. I was even more impressed as soon as the game was over he marched right over to the coaches to get some quotes about the game. He's always so professional. I loved getting to see him do the thing he loves the most, and he surprised me with hot chocolate during half time which made the night even better. It's the simple things in life. 

On Saturday I got to spend some time with Blair and my cousin Ang. We went out to eat for a steak and crab leg dinner, then headed to Converge. Converge is a concert that the local churches in the community put on to raise money for a local Christian recovery center. Each praise band that participated got grouped with another churches praise band and they did a few songs together. My mom is one of the praise and worship leaders at our church, with my cousin Turner, so they played in it as well as my dad on the guitar. It was a lot of fun and they raised a good amount of money. Afterwards we headed to grab some dessert and we ended up going to see Pitch Perfect. Which was hilarious. 

Today I got up, met up with Sam and went to church. We went out to eat at The Boundary House afterward. Also very delicious. After a three hour nap I'm ready to go again, Taken 2 with my mom and aunt! 

Hope your weekend was fabulous! 



  1. I'm obsessed with both your outfits in this post :):) Love your style!

  2. Mags, you are tooo cute! How was Taken 2?? And you need to blog more!


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