Too blessed to be stressed!

Have you ever had just one of those days where NOTHING seems to go your way? Sheesh, today is that day. I have had an incredible, busy, but very productive week. It has been such a relief to knock off some chores and some of my to-do’s before summer gets here, but I knew all that going and going was going to catch up with me. I overslept just a tad for church this morning, and woke up feeling yucky. I quickly got dressed and did my hair. I got ready so fast; I made up for waking up late and headed to my car on time! Only to get there and it not start….I had left my lights on! So I went back inside and waited on my grandma to get ready since she lives next door. Well, the dog got out……and decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood while I was waiting. About 15 minutes later he returned and we were really late. All piled in the car, we were off. We get to church and I realized I left my snack and lesson plan for my 3&4’s Sunday school class in my backseat….at home. So off I went in my grandmas minivan, luckily my house is only 10 minutes away, but still. I always feel like if something is going to go wrong, it is going to be on a Sunday morning. Like the enemy is trying so hard to prevent you from making it to church and hearing Gods word. I almost threw in the towel and just stayed at home, but I kept thinking about how selfish that would have been for me to leave the little ones hanging. Sure, I could read my bible in the comfort of my own home this morning, but who would teach them?

I cannot say how important it is on days like today to just keep pressing on, I’m not going to lie I broke down and cried a few times but as soon as I walked into that church building, all that stress was lifted. I forgot about my hectic morning, or the fact that I already had blisters on my feet from my new shoes. It was a test for me this morning, and I think I passed. Not with flying colors by any means, but I made it. I was quickly reminded that it isn’t about me. It’s not what I need, or what makes me happy. I got to class with the little ones and everything was fine. We’re too blessed to be stressed with the little things. My God is bigger than a dead car battery, or a little blister.

Our lesson today was on Joseph and Potiphar. How the Lord was with Joseph every step of the way, and how he succeeded and was rewarded by Potiphar because of that, and that we should always pray and give thanks to Jesus for being with us. The kids told me some of their stories about how the Lord was with them, and they succeeded. From healing boo boo’s, to riding big boy bikes. It truly touched my heart. I almost started crying again when we went to have snack time, and I took a big bite of my zebra cake, and was quickly reminded by a sweet little boy that we should always pray and give thanks before we eat, even if it is a just a zebra cake. I would go through awful mornings like that every day knowing that my little lesson touched a kid’s heart.

Take a listen and never forget how big you're blessed!

Happy Sunday guys!



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