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Hey guys, hope you have had a wonderful Thursday so far. Fortunately for me, my weekend started around noon today, but for those of you who have to wait until tomorrow, hang in there!

Today was a busy day, but it went rather nicely. I had my final English presentation this morning at 8 am. You'd think that since I've had a 8 am class all year I would be used to it by now...nope. Not even the slightest bit. However I think I did well, thanks to those of you who said a quick prayer! We had to dress up all spiffy in a non-flashy business outfit. So here is a picture right after I finished:

Finally done, for now!

I have to go back for a few short minutes on Tuesday to do a quick peer assessment then it is so long English 114! I am thrilled. My summer break is approaching so quickly.

Anyways-- I am linking up yet again with Amber over at Brunch With Amber for

Its Ok Thursdays

-- That it took me 3 hours to have lunch (at Taco Bell) and run to the bank...I kept getting sidetracked.

-- That I have at least 3 loads of laundry to do and I am on the computer.

--That I have a date with myself and The Hunger Games tonight. I am determined to finish it before tomorrow evening.

--That I am actually contemplating splurging on this really cute Tory Burch Ella tote. It comes in so many colors, it would be the perfect summer bag.

--That I so desperately need a nap but I keep fighting myself. I should just stop.

--That I went and paid my car payment today, and the guy chased me out the parking lot because I accidentally gave him too much money. That's a first.

--That I redid my blog last night, then redid it again this morning because I decided I didn't like it. I promise, no more changing. I am pleased now.

--That my mom has been out of the country for two days now and she has only Facebook messaged me once to rub in the good time she is having. Lucky woman.

--That I am not excited for the weekend because I will be working. But hey, at least I'm making money! :)

--That my sunburn is peeling, wait no, that's not okay. I HATE that.

--That this totally reminds me of Sam and I if there is anything sports related on t.v.

Pinned Image

That is all for now! Have a great night!



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