birthday boy!

Gah lee, what a weekend! I have to say this has probably been one of my favorite weekends I have had in a while. For starters as you know it was Sam's birthday weekend, so we had a few things planned. When he got into town on Saturday night he met me at work and sat with me until I got off. Sweet, right? Then once we got home it was present time! I was probably the most excited about this part. I love love love giving gifts. Little did he know there were three boxes waiting for him, all just as equally a pain to get into. (And a pain to wrap...grrr!)

And boom! The after product.

 Of course the presents didn't need these huge boxes but I thought I'd have a little fun with it. So here is him trying to get into them:

Opening the bluetooth keypad...

Opening his new iPad...

The birthday boy! He is now officially an old man...uhh I meant 25.

Then on Sunday we got up and went to my church, then headed out to lunch with most his family at The Boundary House. (We missed you Sara and Brett!) His family is awesome and it was loads of fun. Then later on in the evening we had dinner at my house for him with my family. Steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, mac and cheese, Italian bread, and cake...I think I'm getting hungry again. Always a good time with the families.

Before dinner..

Birthday smooches...yuck I know! :)

After about 7 attempts to get this on camera..

It was a great getting to spend his day with him. Happy Birthday again, Sam. I love you dearly. Now only 2 more weeks until he is a East Carolina graduate..and until I see him again.

Have a great Monday guys!



  1. Aw that sounds like a great weekend! Y'all are precious. and thank you for your prayers! You're the sweetest!



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