type b for sure!

So, it is far later than I wanted to be up on a Sunday night/ Monday morning, but duty calls, and so does online P.E. blah. I have had a wonderful day filled with a great church service, San Felipe with the family, beach with some great friends, and an evening of babysitting and pizza with the kiddo’s.

The cousin Elliott and I after our beach day.

Any who—as I was starting my homework I read that we had to talk about the different personality types and then talk about which one we think we are. This stuff always makes me excited because I love trying to figure out something that matches my personality.
So here they are:
Type A- Usually aggressive and like to take charge, independent, love having authority. They are goal-oriented and love makings lists. They are highly competitive and are sticklers for time and deadlines.
Type B- More relaxed and laid back than the type A’s. They like making goals and achievements but don’t stress as much about them. They are creative and very much conversationalists. They are the “people person’s.”

Type C- They are thoughtful and deep thinkers. They are not assertive and usually it causes them to stress out because they take the back seat. They are the perfectionists and they strive for accuracy. They are the people that like to know how and why something does what it does.
There are more but these are the main few.
So after I did all my researching I think I have found out that I am type B. I am very laid back and a “go with the flow” kind of person. I am usually about 2 minutes late to everything and I am sometimes too outgoing for my own good. I would have an in depth conversation with whatever will talk back to me. It takes a lot for me to get stressed and I love that last minute to finish something.
I think I’ll do Sam’s too—he’s going to kill me!
I think he is very much type C. He is a deep thinker and so very thoughtful, and not just to me, to everyone. He is a bit of a perfectionist and he always has to google something if he doesn’t know the answer.  :)

I'd love to hear what your personality types are!



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