I look like who?!

Okay so has anybody else been in a complete rut lately? I seriously feel like everything came crashing down on me all at one time. This whole week has been filled with me second guessing myself, sleepless nights and total confusion. It is like I can’t even make a decision anymore without me rethinking it. This is totally not me but I don’t know how to stop. I have turned into a complete worry wart over the past few days and it is getting the best of me. I have become so sensitive about everything lately. Gross. I seriously need to get a grip.

Anyway-- I was reading some of my favorite blogs today and they are all doing this cheesy celebrity look a-like posts, and let me tell you I have never laughed so hard. It was just what I needed today.  So it is super easy you just go to this website and upload a picture of yourself and it gives you the top results:

No. 1

Match: 87%
Match: 86%
Match: 85%
Match: 84%
Match: 83%
MadonnaGary SiniseOscar de la RentaKate MossLucy Liu
Gary Sinise
Oscar de la Renta
Kate Moss
Lucy Liu

Is this a joke?

Soooooo 2 guys and a bunch of elderly women... really? Now you see why I was laughing so hard! Kate Moss I'll take, but I don't see it. And Lucy Liu?!? Wrong ethnicity here. So it has to be completely random, or that is what I'm hoping. If not, oh well Oscar de la Renta is a good looking dude. It really cheered me up today. Despite what the site says these are some celebrity look alikes that I get all the time:
I have heard Mackenzie Rosman my whole life, I kind of see it? Maybe.

And I've gotten this one a few times...but I can only wish I was as pretty as her!


Not that I take any of this seriously, but it totally brightened up my day a tad. I'd love to see what you guys get!



  1. 81% Halle Berry and 79% J. Lo?! I could only wish. I uploaded another picture and got 79% Colin Powell. Bahaha. This thing is silly.

  2. I know! I was laughing so hard! I kept getting men and old ladies!

  3. HAHA! Apparently I look 65% like Christina Aguilera and 53% like Ryan Seacrest. The rest were old men and women LOL.


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