what a weekend!

Can I just start by saying I hope you all had a blessed and fun Easter weekend. I sure did! Hands down the best Easter weekend I have ever had. Much, much, much needed! As some of you know my weekend starts on Thursdays now, and it is nice. After I got out of class on Thursday I got the pleasure of eating lunch with two of my great girlfriends, Blair and Haley. We are all three so busy so we very rarely get to catch up. We laughed and chatted over two All-Americans and a chef salad from Duffers. It was such a treat to have both of them with me. Later on in the evening I met up with my two older cousins, Ang and Lauren, and the laughs continued over Zeng’s Garden Chinese food. Yum! As if the day couldn’t get any better, we then traveled over to Holden Beach to Paradise CafĂ© to watch my brother play drums with my boyfriends brother, Will, and his band Jaded Mayberry. I’ve seen them play quite a few times and I have to say this was one of my favorites. Everyone was full of energy and I knew every song! If you haven’t heard them play before, you’re missing out.

The weekend continued with dyeing eggs with the babies on Saturday, and a visit from my sweet Sam! It was so much fun watching most of the little ones in the family get together and play. Then we went to my family’s BBQ restaurant and ate dinner.  (I should be like 200 pounds with all this eating out, I know!)

Sunday was the BEST! The Easter Bunny stopped by and left me a sweet pink basket full of all my favorite candy, a new bathing suit, and the new Rascal Flatts CD--Changed! (Thanks Mom & Dad! (:)  I got the opportunity to go to Sunday morning service with The Hickman’s at New Beginnings before I had to be at my church. Worship was fabulous and The Easter message is always touching. Our Easter service at my church was a little different; we always have a short performance before the message begins.  The 5-12 class performed a song they wrote, and the dance and drama team performed two numbers. I wish I had a video of ours—but here is a version from YouTube of one skit we did. Ours was more family friendly but this one is good too. Very realistic, and eye-opening!

This is a picture of our drama group before we went out..

 After both services everyone headed over to my Nanny and Poppa’s for some GOOOOOD cooking and sweet fellowship with the whole family. (Excluding the Burcham’s, missed you guys!) I think Easter is my all-time favorite holiday. It is the one holiday the always falls on a Sunday, and we always get to come together for lunch. It is also one holiday that nobody has to stress about gifts and money; we just get to reflect on what Easter is really all about. Christ rising from the dead. What a spectacular event to celebrate. I can’t say how blessed I am for all my family and friends, and more importantly for the love of my Savior. To top off the weekend, I got to drive back to Greenville with Sam. I don't get to make it that way to see him often, and we don't ever get to ride together so I really enjoyed our time to just talk and enjoy each others company. It was a fabulous time.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:

And my favorite picture of the weekend:



  1. I love all of these pictures. Especially of you and Sam!

    When you get time, be sure to read my last post. I nominated you for the Liebster Award :)


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