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I’d love to tell you guys it has been just another typical Tuesday, but unfortunately it hasn’t. My mind has been racing in so many directions all day that I literally think it’s giving me a headache. For starters—I have NO idea what I want to go to school for… which, I’m sure I am not the only college freshman dealing with this issue, but still. I started off as going for Special Education, which I know I would be great at. I love children, and being able to teach them and watch them grow but I can’t help but wonder is that what I am supposed to do. Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it is going to make you happy for the rest of your life, right? I mean I’m a cleaning machine but if I had to do it for a living I would die.  

So what now? I tossed around cosmetology, I am really good at doing other peoples hair, but that doesn’t mean much either. Well what about marketing? I did get an A in sports entertainment marketing in High School orrrrr I could be an art major, I love to color. I did tell Sam a few weeks back that I’d love to hunt alligators like on Swamp People! That sounds good.—Okay, let’s be serious, none of that is going to get me anywhere. So what do I do? Just go to school and hope the perfect career just falls into my lap? I wish. Wonder how much they pay Cinderella at Disneyland? Well, until I figure it out Bart’s BBQ on the weekends, and babysitting during the week it is. Man I wish life wasn’t so complicated.

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Oh but I wish....

Any who—it is in fact the final stretch of the semester, which means I don’t have to worry with this career mess anymore until August. Wahoo! This also means that my long distance relationship is coming to an end. Sigh of relief. Well, for now anyways. Who knows where he’ll get a super awesome job. But we’ll enjoy our time together until then. This has been my first go around with the long distance deal, and I think we have handled it beautifully. Sure we wanted to kill each other a few times during the process, but if I can say one thing about it, it’ll really stretch you as a person. It has taught me to be a better communicator, a better listener, a better friend, and how to give and take. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I appreciate our time together so much more than I would if we saw each other all the time; I hope that never goes away.

I have also been contemplating cutting my hair for a few days now, worrying about Mom being out of the country for 8 days and how I am going to survive off cereal. I told you, my mind has been racing. I am talking about a marathon, lost in the woods, took a left, and is still racing…everywhere. I can’t tell you how badly I would love to turn off my brain for like 5 minutes. It is a constant to-do list. Between getting like all my dresses altered by next week, paying my bills on time, the long list of movies I’d like to see before they leave the theaters, it’s never ending. Thank God that is the only thing that I am worried with. I am truly blessed. It is so easy to take our lives for granted during our busy weeks, and checklists. I get too consumed with my petty things, thank God for his grace and patience.

Now onto a little something fun:

I was reading through Lisa’s blog Just a Brief Introduction and she was talking about picking “theme songs” for her and her friends. How fun! So quickly I asked Sam to pick me a theme song…. He picked Big Things Poppin By TI….ummm, alright. I am not entirely sure what I would pick—maybe Eye of the Tiger, but only because it’s my favorite song ever. I’d love to hear yours!



  1. Aww thanks for the shout out girl!! Bahaha Big Things Poppin, I love it. I'm sure whatever career path you choose you will be FABULOUS at!! And if not, plenty of people change their majors multiple times :)

  2. Thank you so much! Your blog is so cute, I love it!


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