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For starters, I have to say this growing up stuff is really a pain. Well, I’m not totally on my own yet but for the most part I am. You see my family is in the restaurant business which means there is NEVER anything to eat at my house-- unless it’s Sunday. (Which means Bart’s is closed and Mom has to cook!) Also, since I am in college and I have two jobs, I get the privilege of putting gas in my car, buying my own clothes, or any other extra things that are not really necessities. Granted--come Holidays my parents make up for making me be responsible and independent throughout the year but that’s neither here nor there.  Anyways since we are rarely home during the days together and it is late when we all make it home, I have started to do my own shopping. Not like clothes shopping, but like big girl shopping. Food, shampoo, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc.  Which means I have recently started becoming contentious of prices and comparing them from place to place. What is happening to me?
Anyway—I have recently put myself on a budget. Recently as in today because I tried it Monday and I blew it in two days. Oops.  I have done all my summer shopping at the beginning of March so I am in no need of any more clothes or shoes, which I was probably in no need to begin with, but whatever. I’ve tried this a few times before but I am really getting into it now that gas is like a billion dollars a gallon and I should start saving up because this is my last year going to school at home. *fingers crossed* So hopefully I can keep it up. I have allotted myself fifty dollars a week for gas and little odds and ends and the rest is going in the BANK. Which means eating out less and learning to cook at home more, everyone say a quick prayer. The only thing I have ever successfully cooked was Mac and Cheese…in the microwave.  It also doesn’t take much money to fill up my car and I only drive to campus twice a week so this should work! If you have any other budget tips, feel free to let me know. I could totally use them!
Today I used my budget money to stock up on my necessities that seem to always run out all at once. Now usually when I go into Wal-Mart to buy all these odds and ends this is how it goes:
 “I’m sure I could use the last razor for at least another week so I can get this CD….”
“If I just buy a smaller sharpener I could probably get the rest of the eye-liner out and buy the extra makeup…”
 Not this time. I bit the bullet and bought everything on my list, and not ONE thing extra, and still managed to stay under budget.  WHOOP!
 Here are some of my fun finds for cheap:
I have been hearing how wonderful this is all over the blog world and since I am trying to stay away from tanning beds now that my skin spots are reappearing I thought I would try it out! It was only around 8 bucks and I did some research, it gets great reviews from all the big name magazines. We shall see.
And I stumbled across these today! I've never seen them in Wal-Mart until this afternoon and let me say as soon as I used it, I LOVED it. It is one of the middle price body washes on the shelf. I think it totalled at around 3 dollars. Not too shabby and they all smell amazing! I love anything coco butter so I bought the coral one. It is my new favorite shower product.

Hope y'all have a happy weekend!



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