From My Heart to Yours..

This week went from seemingly uneventful, to a full blown head spin. Now, I'll save the details but I can share that this week has been full of questions, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, confusion, happiness, joy, you name it, its happened. A whole bowl of emotions, and for one I know I haven't handled my own emotions in the way that I should have. I have spoken out of anger, I have bottled fear and stress, I have taken my frustration out on the wrong people. I have been high and low. The only thing I know to be certain this week is that no matter what I am going through, there are people that are dealing with so much worse. As an outsider on my different situations this week that have arose, I have come to the conclusion of one thing we all must remember in trying times:

God has a plan much, much bigger than our own.

Sometimes it is easier just to be angry, hurt, or stressed about something. This post is for myself, for my family, for my loved ones and friends that are dealing with their own situations.

 Stop stressing. Stop worrying. Stop hurting.
Everything happens for a reason, and even if it is out of our own stupidity, God has a bigger plan than we do. He has a lesson for us, He has a blessing for us, He knows the desires of our hearts. As long as we put our trust and faith in him, he will have our backs. No matter what. I know I have been in a questionable place lately with my own attitude and emotions, and the more I let myself get caught up instead of give it to God, the more I find myself confused. I have to let it go, and put it in God's hands.

I want to encourage everyone today, whether you're dealing with something or not, always remember you can get through anything with the help of Jesus. His love is unfailing, his compassion and forgiveness is never ending, and his joy is fulfilling.
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  1. You are SO right, every challenge God presents us with all ties in to his big plan for our lives, the hardest part is recognizing and accepting that. You're on the right track girlfriend, just keep your head up and keep praying! :)

  2. love the choose faith quote!


    have a good night!


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