Hotlanta here we come!

Worst blogger ever award...goes to me. I promise I didn't stop blogging, but with working all day, everyday, and helping my soon-to-be sister in law plan her wedding, doesn't leave much down time lately.

So lets catch up since the last time I was here..

My brother is getting married on September 2nd! I can hardly wait. The invitations are out, our bridesmaid dresses are in, and everything is booked. Now we're just getting our Martha Stewart on and crafting our little butts off to make everything beautiful. They are having a traditional ceremony in our church, and a big reception at a reception hall about 15 minutes outside of town. A wooden dance floor, a big stage, and a DJ booth....I'm bringing my dancing shoes. I will be sure to post a ton of pictures and catch you all up on the details!

moving on...

my life lately according to instagram:

All packed up and ready to go to Hotlanta today!

Ice cream date with my soon to be nephew!

Cracking up at Sam, the usual.

Bridesmaid shoes for the wedding came in this week!

After many, many hours of stuffing and addressing them, invitations are finally out!

So that sums up what I've been doing lately. I finally ordered my new phone so expect lots of pictures of the weekend on Monday! We're heading to South Carolina tonight with Sam's oldest brother and sister-in-law Will and Laura, to visit Sam's middle brother and his wife Brett and Sara. I absolutely love them all and can't wait to laugh our butts off and spend some time together. Then we're off to Atlanta to watch the Braves play some baseball!

Hope you all have a great weekend!




  1. Glad to have you back! Congrats to your brother, the wedding sounds like it's going to be a great time. Cute shoes!!

  2. I LOVE those shoes! For you helping out with the wedding, I am surprised you have time to even post this! So good job girly : )

  3. Just stumbled across your blog... and I have almost identical shoes for the wedding I was in a few months ago! Great minds must think alike!

    Have fun in Hotlanta! I have only been there a handful of times

    Congrats to your brother on his wedding... and good job stuffing all of those envelopes! You are a pro!

  4. I've nominated you for the Liebster award! If you fancy joining and nominating your fav blogs have a peek at my post which features your blog:

    Much love Carley @ Talonsandposies xx


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