Take me out to the ball game..

My first time in Hotlanta, success. As you know this weekend I was out of town to watch the Braves play some baseball with my boy and his two brothers and sister-in-laws. I had a blast. We left on Friday and headed to Greenville, SC to spend some time with his newly wedded middle bother Brett, and his new wife Sara. It is very rare that all six of us can get together so it was nice spending time with them all. Brett and Sara took me, Sam, Will and Laura out to eat at Macaroni Grill. Quite possibly my new favorite place to eat. It was so delicious. Then we went out for ice cream at this little place across from where they stay. I had a root beer float, which was also very delicious. I am pretty sure I gained like 30 pounds on this trip.

Saturday morning we all got up and headed for Atlanta. Brett and Sara decided to come with us to the Saturday game, which was a sweet surprise. We did a little shopping then headed to Turner Field. Unfortunately the Braves lost on Saturday, but came back and won on Sunday. We had great seats both games, and the weather wasn't that bad either. This was my first time going to a professional baseball game, a needless to say I had a blast. My sweet boyfriend treated me to anything and everything I wanted all weekend. Getting to spend time with Sam and his family is always a great time. Thank you so much to all The Hickman's for such a great weekend, I will always appreciate the way y'all make me feel like family!

Laura braided our hair for the Saturday game.

Turner Field, Go Braves!

Love that face.

 Sara, Me and Laura. Already feel like they're my sisters.

Sunday's game.

 What a stud.

Now it's back to reality.
 Hope your weekend was as fun as mine!
Have a great Monday,



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