We've set a date!

My first full week as an engaged woman. It's been a pretty emotional/exciting week. First off, I am not pregnant, nor will I be until AFTER we have been married a while. The fact that I even have to clarify means you obviously don't know me or Sam well enough to be talking about us. Now that that's clarified- we can get down to some business that actually matters. 

We have only gotten a few things accomplished being that we have plenty of time to plan this thing. We have set a date- dun dun dun dun....

December 28, 2013 we will be Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hickman. I can hardly believe it. It wasn't really hard to set our date. We knew from the start we wanted to be engaged a year. We both really love Christmas and being that most of my family is in the restaurant business and his middle brother is a football coach- Spring, Summer and Fall were out. Far too busy. The twenty-eighth is also my Grandma's (who passed when I was younger) birthday. I don't really remember Mema much because I was 3 when she passed but I think about her every time I pick up a fishing pole. That woman loved to fish. I have pictures of her holding me with one hand and a fishing pole in the other. It's perfect and we're both excited. 

I am trying to take my time with the wedding planning and enjoy our engagement until the Holidays are over. I did however already make my "Will you be my bridesmaid gifts?" and was trying to wait until Christmas to give them out but I know I can wait until then. I am really trying to stick to my timeline but knowing me this "taking my time" thing won't last much longer. When my mind is set that's all she wrote. I can't wait to officially ask all nine of my bridesmaids and tell you all about them- but my lips are sealed until they all are asked! :)

I know I have lots to do in the next year and am so excited to start this journey with Sam! All you brides and soon to be brides- any advice for me as I begin?




  1. We got married on December 27. It is the perfect time! We had a lot of relatives in town for the holidays anyway. Have fun with the planning!

  2. Taking a full year of being engaged is the perfect amount of time in my book! I loved not having to stress too much :)


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