It's Finally December!

Well hello there December. Man, this year has flown by. I sure hope this next year is just as fast. Lets catch you up on whats going on. Not only will my brother and sister-in-law be expecting a little girl in a few short months- so will Sam's brother and sister-in-law! We went to Will and Laura's reveal party for Baby Hickman after Thanksgiving to find out Laney Adyson Hickman will be here to spoil in March. I am beyond excited for them, just not so much my bank account. Two nieces for me means BIG trouble. I'm talking bows and tutu's galore. I am so happy for Will and Laura and I cannot wait to meet their perfect little girl here shortly. 

The proud parents of a sweet little girl. 

Bowtie or Bow..soon we will know! 

It's a girl! Yay! 

Since we are now in December- our 12 month wedding planning checklist is officially in full swing. Which means I actually have to do stuff outside of Pinterest. I found this little handy thing to help us out- 

Maybe I should start planning outside of pinterest...hahaha.

#1- I've started some boards on Pinterest-- that counts, right? 

#2- Engagement party...hmm..lets get back to that one.

#3- This one we've actually done! Whoo hoo! 12-28-13! 

#4- We've got a few places in mind, nothing set yet...I should probably get on that. 

#5- This one we've done too! We've booked our photographer for our Engagement pictures and our Wedding! Check her out here- Shaina McClure Photography. Sam went to High School with Shaina, so we're really excited to work with her. 

#6- Check! :) 

#7- Well, I've been looking. Nothing purchased yet. Most bridal salons say 6 to 12 months to order a dress.    For all you brides that have gone through this process- is that pretty accurate? 

#8....In the process of Starting one. 

#9- For all you Brides- did you hire a wedding planner to help you? Or just a Day-of coordinator? Love to hear some opinions on this one. 

#10- We've started this too! 

So maybe I am not as bad off as I thought I was- it's a process but so far we're loving every second of it. Sam has already been a big help just in the past two weeks and I am so thankful for him. Keeping organized is key. I would love to hear some tips during the planning process that has helped you! 




  1. I just had a day of coordinator for the wedding ceremony and the dj took care of the reception and made sure it ran smoothly. It was fun to plan the other parts of the wedding, and we only had 5 months! Our anniversary will be close to yours 12-29-10

  2. I got my dress within 2-3 months, not sure if it was because it was Davids bridal?

  3. Pick your reception ASAP. The great ones book up almost a year in advance! Favor on your big day! Let me know if I can help at all. -Niki


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