Inviting God to Plan our Wedding..

Well seems like we've already checked off quite a bit of things off our wedding checklist this month. 
I feel like we're ahead of the game- and I am so happy with that. I have to say I have already learned some things in just the month (give or take a week) that we've been engaged. Sam and I pray together. We've done this since we started dating. Our relationship with Jesus Christ is so important to the both of us, so covering every aspect of this wedding in prayer is so important to us. We want our wedding to reflect us as a couple and we want our Lord and savior to be the center of everything we're planning. But that's just it; we're not "planning" it. He is. This may sound silly to you, so I am going to try to explain it the best way I can. 

When it comes to the wedding- I know what I want. I have my own style and I am very decisive. I know what I like- and I know what I don't like. No grey area. So when I have my heart set on something, there is usually no changing my mind. Until I started to earnestly cover our wedding in prayer. Things that I were turning my nose up to at the beginning of the planning process are turning out to be better options as we go along. For example the place I LOVED for the reception didn't look like it was going to work out with everything we wanted to have (i.e our own caterer, our own decorations, guest list, etc.) so I was kind of bummed. We ended up looking at another place that we initially didn't have on our list- and it was perfect. We can now have everything that we wanted- and it was even less moolah for the parents. Seriously? God is  so so good. So far in just the little bit we have planned it has been so easy. We already feel so blessed. Invite God to be apart of everything you do, and you'll see things come together like never before. 

So here's some wedding details for you:

Our Color Pallet

Since we're having a (after) Christmas wedding we wanted it to be a winter wonderland feel. We decided to go with some colors that were perfect for Christmas and New Years since it's right in between. 

Love the colors!

red and silver

To the Bride and Groom: Red, Silver, White & Black Wedding Inspirations

All Photos Via Pinterest. 

I saw the first picture the day after we got engaged and I knew it was perfect. We will be using silver and red. These are just inspiration photos, we won't be using them exactly like this- but I am so excited. I don't want to give too many details away during the process, but I'll share a little bit! :) 




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