Bridesmaid Series: Ang

After my maid of honor post I put all of the bridesmaids names in a cup and drew the next one. I think I like this better because I don't have anything planned for each person, it's straight from the heart. Angela is not only my cousin, we've grown into great friends. I say grown because she and my brother are closer in age than her and I. Growing up I never got to hang with them. They liked to do their own thing, and being the younger cousin, I wasn't "cool" enough to play with them. Once I got a little older, we became close. Ang thinks I'm funny. We have the same sense of humor. If you know me well, you know I can be very animated. My facial expressions, my random dance outbursts, and my abundant knowledge of She's The Man quotes- she gets them all. She's that person that will text or call me in the middle of the day- to remind me of something funny- and then we continue to laugh about it as if it just happened. She's great. We have so many inside jokes it's ridiculous. 

Ang brings our family so much joy, and even more laughter. My wedding day wouldn't be the same if she wasn't there to root me on. She has a huge heart. She will do anything for the people she loves. I am so excited to get to share this season of my life with her, and I know without a doubt when things get stressful she'll always be there with a joke to calm things down. Love you forever Ang! 

caw caw!



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