Sweet surprises for this lucky gal..

Boy, oh boy. I'm back! It has been a very busy, hectic week. I am so blessed to say my boyfriend has made this week a breeze compared to what it should have been. I started at my new job this week by myself. No more training, or following someone around. Just me. Not only did Sam come and see me, and leave me a pretty awesome tip, when I got home on Monday he had a few sweet surprises for me.

One being this beauty:

The MK watch I have been eyeing every time I go to the mall since Christmas.

Then after he told me to get ready because he was taking me out for a date night.

[Can I just brag a little more for one second-- it took me three hours  forever to get ready, just one of those days where nothing looked good on me. Although he admitted later to wanting to shoot me in the face, he was so understanding and after every outfit he kept telling me everything looked stunning. He really is the best.]

We went to Outback for some yummy steaks, then headed over to Sweet Fog for some frozen yogurt. We finished up the night back at his house goofing off and dancing in the living room with his parents cracking up at us. It was a great night, and I am so glad we got to spend some quality time with each other.  

Today I got to spend some quality time with my cousin Angela. We ate lunch and visited my other cousin, her sister, at a little grill down the street from her house called The Bridge Grill. It was recently bought out and redone. It has amazing food. Then we started a new tradition by pretending we're on pawn stars and hassling poor Jeff for some sweet deals. She walked out with a new guitar, two packs of strings, a pack of picks, and a nice Ralph Lauren watch all for 40 bucks! Needless to say, Pawn Shop Wednesday's will be on the calendar from now on.

Now that my two double days are over, my hair is finally back to its highlights, and I only have one more night of work until my mini break-from-life this weekend, I couldn't be more excited. His middle brother is getting married on Saturday and I can't wait to get to share those memories with Sam and his family. I am sure the wedding will be just as beautiful as Brett and Sara are.

Speaking of weddings, my parents are celebrate their 23rd anniversary this week in a condo on the beach. Lucky them, huh?

Happy Anniversary you two, love you both! I only hope one day I can have a marriage just as beautiful as yours!

Hope your week is going fabulous, keep a lookout for wedding posts when I return!




  1. 23. that's awesome! and so is that MK watch. my oh my ... he's a keeper for sure!

  2. Yes he is, I am a lucky girl! :)

  3. go sam!! i am glad he treats you so good.

    hey, do a guest post for me (:

    1. Yay, I am glad you got your blog back! And girl, you know I will just tell me when!


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