Today I will love you..

I have been the most horrible blogger ever lately. I sincerely apologize, I have been a crazy lady this week. I was recently nominated for another blog award over at *A Drop of Bliss*, thank you so much for including me!


1) Nominate 15 bloggers that you want to recognize.
2) List 7 random facts about yourself.
3) Thank the blogger by linking it back to their page.

Here goes random:
I've done really, really well saving my money the past few weeks.
My arms are currently burnt to a crisp.
My car needs to be detailed pronto.
I hate Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow, but I love Sun Drop, what are the odds?
I am a chicken wing freak, I'd eat them every day.
I read like it's my job.
I've had my poor iPhone 3s for two years now and I finally get a new one next week. I can hardly wait. Fact.
I love all the blogs I follow and that follow me, so I nominate you all to join! I am not sure if that's allowed, but it's my blog, my rules. :) Leave me a comment if you do so I can be sure to check it out.

Moving on....

Lately I have been struggling with people who have hurt me, it is kind of one of main reasons I started a blog. I was going through a little rough patch and I thought what better way to organize my thoughts, or have a place to escape when it gets too much, so lo and behold, le blog. I have really been searching for answers and praying for change. I see now that maybe I should have been more focused on my heart than for the heart of the ones that did me wrong. I am not accountable for them. I am however accountable for what I say and do, and what I let myself feel. I have been given the opportunity to forgive, to bury the hatchet, to start over. I am beginning to question if I can even let that happen. How did I let my heart get so bitter? I know that everyone deserves forgiveness, and I have been praying for my hurt to heal, but I never realized maybe my own actions could be the start of the healing process. I have been so caught up in the blame game, that it was easy to judge the other person. I am no better than the person that screwed me over, if I walking in unforgivness. That will get me no where in life. Sure it's really easy to walk in offense, to point the finger, to be the victim, but will that ever make things better? Absolutely not. Things will only get better if I let them. Today I will forgive you, I will start over and not blame you for my hurt any longer. I cannot fix you, or tell you what is the right way to live. I can no longer feel responsible for your actions. I will let you live and learn, and I will not feel guilty. I will be here for you and comfort you. I will accept you even through the bad times. I will no longer let this upset me. I will pray for you and think about you daily. I will put this in Gods hands because he is the only one that can put together the pieces. Today, I will release the pain, and today I will love you.

I challenge all my readers to do the same. To forgive those who need it, even when it's incredibly hard. To put aside your feelings and put yourself in their shoes. To give whatever you're dealing with to God.
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