you may now kiss the bride.. wedding weekend!

Finally, I am taking a break from real life so I can catch up on my blogging. Ever since we got back from the wedding I have been working like a crazy person. But, as promised, today I will catch you up on the weekend festivities.

For starters lets just say Congrats to Brett and Sara Hickman for trying the knot on Saturday. The whole day was filled with happiness, and if any two people deserve it, it's them. The whole rehearsal/wedding/reception was so beautiful. Everything went off without a hitch. Here are a few pictures to sum up the weekend:

Sara was beyond gorgeous, and her dress was perfect. I wish them both a lifetime of love.  



And my favorite picture of the weekend: 

Sam was Brett's best man, since they are the closest in age of the three brothers. And Will, the oldest, sang during the ceremony. Sam did so well on his speech, I may have even shed a tear myself. I got to stay with Sam's oldest brother and his wife Laura at the hotel, and we just had such a blast. The whole Hickman-Veale family was amazing, and they included me in everything, which made the weekend even more special. They added some very personal touches to the wedding that made it very Brett and Sara, she wore cute toms to the reception, he tossed the garter on a football since he is a college football coach, they had their favorite foods for dinner (which was yummy) and they even added a fun photo booth for the guests! It was a wonderful weekend full of wonderful people. I am so blessed to have been apart of it.  

Hope your weekend was just as fun!



  1. I LOVE your dress that you wore for the wedding!! You looked absolutely gorgeous. I am SO jealous that you live so close to Wrightsville...I LOVE it peaceful and relaxing. I prefer NC beaches over SC any day. Be on the lookout for my update to Raleigh next week...I am going to apt hunt..I am not 100% sure that I am in fact taking the job that I was's just SO SCARY. I ONLY know Kentucky...

    1. Oh you'll love it! It really is such a fun place to live! I hope you have a blast. :) And thank you, I got it at a little shop in Nashville!

  2. Wow the bride was stunning! You looked gorgeous too!


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