work, work, all day long..

Day 2 of job 3= success. Boy, am I pooped. I seriously want to crawl in a hole and sleep, however I am currently babysitting, watching the boys play xbox. I love my new job, since I already know how to do the computer system (we use the same one at the family's BBQ place) it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be to learn everything. I wrapped up my training today and on Monday I begin on my own. ahhhhhhh. I get kind of nervous thinking about it. I did a few tables on my own today so I think I'll be okay. Fingers crossed. This is where you can find me during the week now:

Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my family, I'm all hands on the weekends at this place:

okay, enough about work until Monday....
This time tomorrow I will be off to my concert that I have been talking about for forever now. I can hardly wait to get away for the weekend with just the girls. We head out in the morning so we can grab lunch, and freshen up before we head to the venue. I don't have a single thing packed in my duffel bag either... never fails. I always wait until last minute to pack. I hate that this is going to make two weekends in a row that I am off and I don't get to spend it with the boy, but that's alright. I know he understands since Lady A is my favorite.

I am off to procrastinate some more before I overload my poor Vera with enough clothes to last me a week.

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well, duh.

ta ta until Sunday,



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