Keeping Up With the Hickmans!

Busy doesn't even begin to describe our lives lately. After not being home for almost 2 weeks (Newspaper conferences for Sam, Braves weekend trip for Sam, and Katie sitting at our in-laws!) We have somewhat finally settled down into a routine again. Except we're still crazy busy and with lots of wedding festivities, anniversaries and work, I have a feeling its not going to get any slower. But hey, we like it that way. Last weekend we got to spend some time with our sweet friends Devin and Haley. They were thrown a couples shower that we were so excited to attend. Good food, great people and they got some really awesome stuff. They even played the shoe game which was so fun to watch. Oh it brings back so many memories! It was almost a year ago when we played the shoe game at our first couples shower. Where does the time go? I love watching them experience the joy and excitement of being engaged like we did! Anyways- after the shower we headed back to Haley's to spend some more time with everyone. We have been so busy that we haven't been able to see much of anyone so we certainly enjoyed ourselves!

All while my husband became a traveling gypsy this past week, I have become quite the busy MOH for my sweet bff Elliott. Her wedding is less than TWO months away so we have been getting things done. This Sunday is the shower that us bridesmaids are hosting for her. I can't wait to get to shower her with all the things she will start her new married life with! Eeek! And next weekend I am hosting her bachelorette party in Myrtle Beach. I am so excited for a weekend in the sun with some sweet ladies! I have also picked up both of their dresses I will be wearing in their weddings which makes everything so surreal and makes me so anxious for their big days! Ah! Happy times!

Other than that not too many thing happening in the life of The Hickmans! Busy working and enjoying married life. Tonight we are heading to dinner at our favorite joint, Hamburger Joes's, with our favorite newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Cox!




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