Be a little different. :)

"If you're not a little different, you're doing it wrong."

Wise words from Kimberly Taylor, a guest speaker that was at my church this weekend. What a hoot. As soon as she said it, I immediately turned and looked right at her. If there was one thing during the whole message that I could relate to, that was it. I've always been a tad different than everybody else. Not better or worse, just different. Growing up church was never an option, if the doors were open, my family was there. We prayed over every meal, every gathering, everything. If someone was sick, before we would run to the doctor, we would run to the pastor. I’m sure some of your families are like that. For me though, it was a little bit more...intense. I was always held to a higher standard than everyone else, being the pastor’s kid and all. I was always the "good girl” that played everything safe. Which I'm totally proud of now, but in my tween years, it stunk. I felt like I could never have any fun like all my friends. I was never a partier, I didn't care for the club scene, and when it hit 10 o'clock p.m. I was knocked out. I wasn’t perfect by any means, but I was safe. I did what I was told, most of the time. I would beg my mother to let me go out with my friends, promising I would not drink or do any drugs. She would always reply with "I’m protecting your witness." -- Like what does that even mean? She knew, and still knows that I would never do anything wrong, but that didn't matter. I can't thank her enough for doing that now. After graduating high school, and not having a curfew or rules I completely understand what that means. How are we supposed to be a light in the darkness if we are conforming to the ways of the world? I struggled with this during my high school days. I hated being the different one. It was so boring. I look back now and Thank God. I feel like I am actually getting something right for once. If we're avidly walking with Jesus Christ, we should all be a little different. People should be able to talk to us and want what we have, and see the difference being a Christian makes us. We should stand out for him. I constanly have to remind myself of this.

 I’ve felt myself coming into my own here lately as far as my walk with Jesus is concerned. I’m a big girl now (figuratively speaking, I’m still only 5’2) and I have been making a lot my own decisions for my life recently, which means I can’t rely on my parents praying and studying the word to help me-- I have to do it for myself. I can’t hang on to their coattail anymore and expect something to happen. I have developed my own relationship with my savior. I can already feel a change. I want to be a little different, actually, I want to be a lot different, and one day, I will be.

Here is one of the songs from the worship band All Sons and Daughters-- they're my favorite for right now. Enjoy!



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