Fun on the Lake

It's almost August- AUGUST people. Where in the heck has this year gone? We really have gotten so much wedding planning done in the last month- it's so surreal to see things coming together. After months and months of planning and bouncing ideas around to actually putting things together- it really has become my favorite part so far. Everything is coming together just how we envisioned it! I just have to insert here how much I LOVE my parents and in-laws. They really have gone above and beyond to give us everything we've wanted and make the wedding of our dreams come true. We can't say thank you enough and we love you dearly.

 Any who, last weekend Sam's family threw us a shower on Lake Waccamaw. We had so much fun getting to spend time with the Hickman's and all our other friends and family that came out to shower us. It was so beautiful and we had such a blast. We are so thankful and blessed to have both families that support us.  I could probably stare at the lake all day, it's that beautiful.

We had so much fun being all together and we can't say thank you enough to our family and friends!
5 months, 5 months, 5 months!!



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