Bridal Portraits!

Sorry to disappoint you, however I won't be sharing any sneak peeks until after I'm a married woman. However I just had to share my experience with bridal portraits. I will say this was the most fun I have had as far as wedding planning goes, which was a big surprise to say the least. Working in a bridal shop I have seen my fair share of dresses come back to be cleaned after bridals that were absolutely trashed. So to no surprise I was terrified that I was going to ruin my dress. And by terrified I mean to the point where I was dreaming about it! Crazy bride to say the least. Well I was pleasantly surprised with how well we handled it. I haven't had time to fully examine it just yet, but there wasn't any accidents on Sunday so I am assuming it is just fine.

We took pictures about an hour before sunset on Sunday. The weather was absolutely perfect. My photographer Amber, you can read about her here was FANTASTIC. Seriously, so nice and she made me feel so comfortable. We all know I am no model so trying some of those poses were quite hilarious, but she didn't give up on me! Thanks, Amber! She also sent me a sneak peek only hours after taking the pictures, and let me tell you she has some skills, that one. If she can make me look good, she is talented. If you need pictures done, call her up. I also had a little help in the looks department from my ever-so-talented cousin Danette who has done all my event makeup, and my hair dresser Kayla Cheers. Both also have some serious skills. Need someone for event hair? I would recommend Kayla, but you can't have her. She's mine. I kid, I kid. After a few hair trials she came up with the perfect hair do for me. It was everything I wanted, but couldn't describe in words.

Not to forget my mother, my cousin Zoe, and my aunt Sue were also there to help me stay put together. YES, people. It takes an army.. A BIG thank you for picking all the bugs out of my dress all day you guys. You rock.

So since I had absolutely no idea what to expect when bridals rolled around, and there was NOT a neat little pin on Pinterest full of tips to help a girl out, I thought I would put together a few of my own tips for you future brides (I'm pointing at you Haley!)

So here they are, tips for taking Bridal Portraits:

1) Take a few helpful people with you, no matter how small or how big your dress is, you're going to need quite a few hands.

2) Have someone there that can reapply your make up. Even if it is just lip gloss, you'll need some touch ups after a few takes.

3) Taking a white sheet in theory is a good idea, however it just gets to be too much. putting it down, picking it up, carrying it the whole time, just don't. No matter what you do, you can't avoid dirt. So just be careful with your dress. I would however bring a white pillow case to put down if you decide to sit or lean against something. Its smaller and easier. Just use common sense, and you'll be fine.

4) WEAR your comfy shoes, and take your wedding shoes. This was big. We walked from one place to another so it was easier to just wear comfy shoes until my feet were going to be shown, which if you have a long dress is never.

5) Be relaxed. Your pictures will turn out better if you just be yourself.

6) Don't forget your bouquet! This is a nice addition to your portraits. Also, don't forget your veil, flower, head piece, whatever you're wearing when you walk down the aisle, make sure you bring it. It will make your pictures that much more special when you look back at them.

7) Bring bug spray, but don't spray it directly on your dress. You don't want it smelling like OFF on your wedding day.

8 Don't take your pictures where you don't want to be seen. For example, most of our guests are from my hometown, so taking them near there probably isn't the best idea. People are going to stare, stop and talk to you, congratulate you, and snap pictures of you when you turn around- so if you don't want to be recognized in your gown I suggest going somewhere other than where you reside. Unless it's a private venue, of course.

9)Have fun, laugh, and spray those gnats with hairspray girl friend.

That's it, that's all I've got. I hope this helps anyone that has to take bridals in the future.



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