The Wedding Diaries: Reception

When it came to planning our reception we wanted only one thing- GOOD food. I wasn't fussy about the venue, the center pieces, or anything of that sort. I mean obviously I wanted it to look nice, but we really wanted our guest to enjoy a good meal. We went back and forth with the menu a couple of times, changed it a few more, but I think in the end it was perfect. We picked roasted carved beef, served with au jus and horseradish sauce, BBQ Chicken, collard greens, mac and cheese, a mashed potato bar, and rolls. Sam and I both enjoyed it so much. We mad ourselves sit for a minute and take in our special day. I am so glad we did. I am hoping our guests enjoyed their dinner as much as we did. It was even more delicious knowing that some of our favorite people help prepare our wedding meal for us. (We're looking at you Mom and Jon!)

Back to the reception- When we first arrived the bridal party and ourselves came in to Crazy Train by Ozzy. We tried to incorporate some Braves elements into our day, and if you're a real braves fan you know that Crazy Train was Chippers walk out song. So it was perfect- and we had fun with it.

Once we were introduced we went into our first dance. Sam picked Like Jesus Does by Eric Church. We are both big Church fans, and we loved this song as soon as his CD came out. Sam mentioned that he wanted it to be our first dance song, and I agreed. It was perfect.

After dinner then came the Daddy/Daughter dance and the Mother/Son dance. My dad and I decided to dance to Daughters by John Mayer. We both really loved the song even before I got engaged- we are also not very sappy people so it was the perfect amount of sap for us. Sam and his mom decided to dance to the Bee Gees Wedding Day. Those were really special moments that Sam or I will never forget. Then it was on to our toasts. Both of Sam's brothers, my cousin Danette, and friend Blair made our toasts. They were all so special to us. We laughed with them, and even shed a few tears. It was so sweet.

After the special dances and toasts it was time to cut the cake. Our amazing cake was made by my Aunt Lorie (and her hubby, Uncle Jay!) who is the glue behind Cottage CafĂ© and Crumb de la Crumb in Nashville. Seriously, check them out. Our cake design was far better than anything I could have imagined. We picked the flavors Red Velvet and Tennessee Whiskey for our cake. I didn't have an actual piece of my wedding cake until last week- but it was heavenly.

After cake is was time to party. We had the pleasure of having our family play some music for us. As most of you know, Sams brother, my dad, my brother, and a few of our close friends are in a band called Jaded Mayberry. Well they played, and we had a few guest appearances by my mom, Turner and my uncle Ricky. It was so much fun! We had a blast.

Lets just take a moment to really look at these next few pictures- and this is why we love our friends.
You go, Spencer.
That's an imaginary jump rope people.
Check out the girls silver sparkly Toms for the reception...girls after my own heart.
And this, this is the most perfect picture ever taken. Just take a minute to scan it over. HILARIOUS.
I tossed my bouquet and Sam tossed my garter (to the tomahawk chop, of course) and it was almost time to leave for the night. We had our final dance to Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore. As soon as this song came out I loved it, but we had already picked our first dance song, so I knew it was perfect to leave on.
As much as we hated to leave, we were so exhausted and we knew it was time to say goodnight. All of family and friends lined up, foam fingers in hand, and as we were taking off they started the tomahawk chop chant. It was the perfect way to end the night. We made so many amazing memories that night and we cannot say thank you enough to everyone who helped make our day so perfect. Stay tuned for our final wedding recap!



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