Married Life.

Now that our wedding recaps are over I can finally share about life as a wife! Man, that still sounds crazy! I love married life. Albeit, we're still adjusting, but it is so fun. We have finally figured out some sort of routine for Sam and I. With him being a reporter- he doesn't really have a set schedule, unlike myself who knows exactly what is planned for the week. Its more of a guessing game when it comes to if he'll be home for dinner or not- but I think we have managed very well. Usually about 1 o'clock each day I will receive a "I'll be home at 6" text or a "I have something to cover" text. I don't mind his schedule though because I am still working on the cooking part. hehe

So here is what I've learned so far:

Married life-Month 3.

1) Invest in two TV's. This was literally one of the very first things we purchased as a married couple. Now don't get me wrong- I don't mind watching ESPN every now and then with my husband, but every.single.night isn't happening. And I get the "you'll spend too much time apart" look a lot when I say that but I'd MUCH rather spend an hour or so apart than an hour or so fighting and bickering over the remote. It works for us, and we still love each other. So I think we'll survive.

2) You can always buy new throw pillows. I have to swallow my pride as I type this because I despise when people sit and lay on decorative throw pillows. It gets my blood pumping just thinking about it, but I have learned to let go of this issue and let Sam lay on them whenever he pleases. It just isn't worth the fight. And if he doesn't mind new pillows every few months- I certainly don't mind buying them. :)

3) You don't really spend much time out as a newlywed. I love going out and hanging with friends but whenever we both have a free night- we just want to be at home. I love it.

4) I never thought I would get excited about clean dishes or an empty hamper-but I do. I feel so accomplished when these things happen. Its the small things.

5) I also get equally as excited, if not more, when we receive mail that says "Mr. and Mrs. Hickman" oh it makes my heart so happy.

6) The Thirty-One large tote bags are a necessity if you live on floor three when carrying groceries. I received a few of these at my monogram shower and I cannot tell you how much easier they make my life- especially when I go grocery shopping while Sam is at work. Newlywed wives that are starting off in condos/apartments invest in you some of those, and thank me later.

7) No matter how long you've been together-or how well you know each other, married life changes everything. Its just something about both of you putting your hard earned money into one account and watching it get spent on double thick burgers or new shoes that can really test your patience. But trust me, its a beautiful thing knowing that "what's mine is yours" and vice versa.

8) Tithing is more important than any bills. I stand firm on this. Its why we can afford those thick burgers and new shoes. Married or Single. If you don't believe me, just check it out here: Malachi 3:8-11.

9) It is so important to spend quality time with your husband-but it is equally important to have your alone time as well. (lets go back to #1, shall we?)

10. Enjoy one another.

Obviously I am no marriage expert- this is just what I have learned in three short months. Can't wait to see what God has in store for us Hickman's this year! Bring it on!



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