10 Tips for Survivng your Wedding Day

I am a horrible blogger- I write posts and then never publish them. Here is one I wrote a few days ago on surviving your wedding day.

With quite a bit of friends getting married this year, and next, I have been asked many questions about wedding planning do's and don'ts. When it comes down to it, there are a BILLION different websites, books, and blogs telling you what to do on your wedding day. Some of them true,  some of them pretty silly. So with that being said I have compiled my own list of tips to surviving your wedding day. Hopefully this will help someone on their big day!

1. Get PLENTY of sleep. You are going to be exhausted at the end of the day. Don't plan to spend the night before your big day out. You want to be well rested to enjoy your day, call it a night pretty early.

2. Have a coordinator. I can't stress this enough. I literally have no clue how I would have survived without mine. She kept us on time, on task, and organized the whole day (the whole year, really). Thanks a million, Jami!

3. Surround yourself with energetic people. My girls kept me upbeat, hydrated, and fed all day long. Every few minutes one would ask me how I was feeling.

4. Have a buffer. This might seem silly, but it really will help your stress level. The bride doesn't need to know what is wrong, or who is late. The buffer is usually the coordinator. Let them deal with the issues, that is what they are pros at.

5. Find quite time in your day. I sat down with my bible, and my computer. I enjoyed the calm moments before the festivities started.

6. Do NOT, I repeat do not try to do anything on your wedding day. Hire people to do it for you, or ask super awesome family members that are willing to help. Wake up, eat breakfast, and get ready. That is ALL you need to be doing that day. You do not want to get overwhelmed.

7. Ask your friends and family to kindly wait to post pictures until after the ceremony. Of anything wedding related, not just you in your dress. That probably goes without saying, but you never know!

8. Have a wedding day survival kit ready. You just never know who will need a safety pin, lip gloss, or an old credit card to break into the house that you're getting ready in..hehe.

9. Be comfortable. You don't want to put your dress on until you are about to head out, so wear something that will be comfortable while you're getting ready. Also- reception shoes are a must. Heels will kill your feet all night long.

10. Last but not least- leave your phone in your bag. You have everyone you need there with you, use your phone as less as possible. Be in the moment.

You want to really be present in the day, remember every moment, and enjoy it!



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