Bringing Home Heyward

To say that I am exhausted is an understatement, but the exhaustion is so worth it. On Thursday night we brought our new precious pup home! We were so excited to finally get our hands on our sweet bully. We knew going into this process that it was going to be just that, a process. A long, tiring process. But I am excited to report it is no where near as bad as I was expecting it to be. Little man is so stinking good to be so little.

On Thursday we got him home at about 8 p.m. He did really well the first night with only two accidents. We took him out at 10 p.m. put him in his kennel, then proceeded to take him out at 12, 3, 5, and again at 7. He slept really well in between breaks. The first night the kennel was not his favorite at all. He would whine for a few minutes before falling asleep. After his 7 am trip- I let him snuggle with me until we got up at 8 for breakfast.

On Friday Sam and I both had to work so we took him to my parents house. We are trying to keep him on a routine as much as possible. His eating schedule is 8 am, 2 pm, and again at 8. So since we were working we put him in his kennel, and he stayed in there until it was time to eat again at 2. He got to hang out with my dad and Mumble until Sam got home. He played and slept and did really well with only one accident inside and none in the kennel the entire night! He is such a smart dog. Now as for the chewing- I have a feeling something will be destroyed here soon.

Last night it was Sam's turn for night duty. (I had the first night) We put him in his kennel around 10 and he only whined for about two minutes. Heyward will sleep and then bark just loud enough to wake us up and we take him straight outside. Last night we got a tad bit more time in-between breaks. He took him back out at 1 and again at 3 and then at about 6. We got our morning snuggles in and then it was breakfast time again at 8. Sam has the day off but we still wanted him to get used to the kennel since we work during the day, so we put him back in for just a little bit when I headed off to work. Sam is looking forward to spending the day playing with him and I am so excited to spend the night with him when I get home.

He is doing so well and we are absolutely in love. He already recognizes when I tell him to come to "mama" and when I tell him to go find his daddy- he starting turning in circles to find Sam. He sure is precious. We take him to the vet next week for his 6 week check up. As for Sam and I? We'll be living off of coffee the next few weeks!


Heyward Hickman, cutest Olde English Bulldogge puppy ever. 

I mean- just look at that face!
"no more pictures mom, its embarrassing!" -H



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