Bridesmaid Series: Haley

Haley is my best friend from high school. I started cheering with her when I was in the ninth grade- and she was in the tenth. I have so many wonderful stories from our years of being friends- but what I remember more than the fun times is the fact that not once has she ever turned her back on me. She is the friend that no matter how far we are apart- she always makes time for me. We try to catch up once every few weeks being that she is in Greenville- but as soon as she makes her way back home she always lets me know she is here. I cherish our friendship more than she knows. I also look up to Haley. She's brilliant, encouraging, kind, and has the sweetest heart out of anyone I know. 

Haley is the reason that Sam and I are even together. Her and Devin, of course. I went to stay with her one weekend and she introduced me to Devin's roommate-Sam. I can't thank them enough for that. Since day one of our relationship her and Devin have been so encouraging and supportive. As soon as Sam asked we knew we wanted to call Haley and Devin at the same time, before word got out, and tell them the news. Their friendship is so important to us as a couple. It's nice to have such great, christian friends that we can enjoy life with. 

I knew I had to have her by my side on that day. It wouldn't be right if she wasn't. She has been such a huge part of not only my life, but my relationship with Sam as well. Haley is the only other bridesmaid besides Blair that isn't related, or going to be related but I honestly think of her as a sister. She is so beautiful inside and out and I am so blessed that she is going to be a part of our special day. Love you, Haley! 

Haley to the rescue. 

She's trying to see things from my height. 

Are we cute or what? 

She took me out for an engagement lunch! 

Love these people. 



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