My little wedding family- a post for my own sanity

It's March already? Where have these past three months gone? Can't believe that we are officially in our 9-6 month block on our wedding planning checklist. Well technically nine months and some change, but who's counting? We have got a good bit nailed down in these past few months. I am so happy with the way the planning has been going, my wedding family is growing so nicely. All my vendors thus far are amazing and I can't wait to see all of their work come together on the big day. 

Here's where we are at:

Event Planning Services- Coastal Events and Holiday Happenings
Bridesmaid Dresses- Coastal Knot Bridal Boutique
Reception Venue- South Brunswick Island Center
Ceremony Venue- Eastside Fellowship
Cake- Crumb de la Crumb (As seen on Food Network)
Catering- Have you met my family? We own some restaurants. 
Hair Stylist- Kayla Cheers
Officiant- Hello Grandpa, Pastor Bobby Causey 

Here's what we need to get done for this 9-6 month block:

Start our Registry
Engagement Session
Pick out Save the Dates
Get an order placed for Save the Dates
Work on a wedding website
Start looking around at wedding stationary 
Cake testing.
Finalize Accommodations
Start looking at wedding transportation

Sounds like a ton- but I feel like we're at a pretty steady pace. Can't believe how fast time is actually flying. Before we know it, it will be June! Thankfully I haven't gotten too overwhelmed or haven't had any major breakdowns yet. Prayer really works! :) 




  1. Just stumbled across your page! I love it. I think you are an awesome Godly example :) I am excited to follow more of your adventures! I am new to the whole blogging scene, follow me at :). xo-Jess


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