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My poor blog- I feel as though its been neglected lately. There hasn't been too many exciting things to blog about lately. We are almost "officially" 6 months away from our wedding date. My, oh, my where has the time gone? We have found our selves in the waiting period of the engagement. All the big stuff is done, all our vendors are booked and ready to roll, so now we are just anxiously awaiting the crazy period. Whats the crazy period you ask? It's that period probably around September where you start to place your order for the little things, and tie up all the loose ends, finish all the little crafts, etc. I can't believe that stage is almost here as well. It still feels like yesterday that Sam was down on one knee and I was standing in front of him, frizzy hair and no make up, repetitively asking if he was kidding me. Crazy. I am anxiously wanting to share all our wonderful wedding details but I am afraid I will spill too much of the goods so mums the word for now. 

I do however have some very exciting news about this week. This week I will be starting my dream job at the same exact place that I bought my wedding dress. Yep, that's right. I will now be helping beautiful Brides find their perfect dress for the day they have waited for their whole lives at the cutest boutique ever. I literally can't wait. I have to say that this was all God. I have always wanted to be in the wedding industry, but I never knew how to get there. I love weddings, every detail, everything, but I always thought that once mine came I would probably be over my wedding obsession and move on to something else. That's simply not the case. I love hearing girls talk about their weddings, I love the excitement and romance that comes with a wedding. I love it all. But back to my story- I got a job a Coastal Knot Bridal and I start on Wednesday. I fell in love with Coastal Knot when I was looking for my perfect dress. Amanda (the owner) was so sweet and helpful, and she went above and beyond for me and all my bridesmaids while we were hunting for our dresses so I am really excited to get to work for her and be apart of such a great business. 

Sam and I are enjoying this stage in our lives and I can't wait to see what God has in store for us as we become husband and wife soon. Have a great day y'all! 



  1. That sounds like such a neat job! And I can't wait to see pictures from y'alls wedding!


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