2015 Goals

December 31st got here quickly! I wanted to reflect on the goals Sam and I set for 2014 and make some new ones for our little family for 2015. The past few months have been extremely crazy for Sam and I in our work lives, and our personal lives. We have been so blessed in 2014 and I know that God has big things planned for us this coming year.

Hickmans 2014 Goals:

Pay off my Jetta and buy a new car.-- met! Sam really needed a better vehicle so we decided to give him mine (this was hard for me, I LOVE my jetta) and I got a new car that is amazing on gas since I would be traveling. I love checking things off the list. Sam and I were fortunate enough to come into marriage with no debt, being that we don't have credit cards or anything, so we decided it was a good time to buy!

Live a healthier lifestyle-- met (for Sam, at least) My husband dropped close to 40 pounds this year. He's looking good!

Save, Save, Save!-- Happy to say we've done this too. We've been money saving machines lately. This makes me a happy, happy wife.

That was our goals for this year, we really wanted to focus on being realistic and setting things that we could accomplish together.

Hickmans 2015 Goals:

Finalize a more permanent living situation-- Now that my job has opened a second location (Whohoo!) I will be doing a bit of traveling for work. Our goal is to narrow down a responsible location to plant ourselves, which has been put on the back burner for a while. We've got some big decisions to make, but we're excited to make them as a couple.

Take a vacation! The last vacation we had was our honeymoon (almost) a year ago. This year I would like to go on another nice trip.

Read our bibles more, as a couple.

More Saving! We have a goal we want to meet by the end of the summer, I am always up for a challenge!

Blog more and take more pictures!

So those are our goals- keeping them realistic and achievable is the key! What are your 2015 goals?

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