Bachelorette Party Fun!

A week before our wedding my bridesmaids hosted my bachelorette party. I have to start this post off by saying if you know me at all you know that I am very modest when it comes to this kind of stuff. So with that being said your typical bachelorette party shenanigans were not at all what I wanted. I wanted a fun, relaxing night where I could laugh and enjoy my closest friends and family. And that is just what I got. I had to work that Saturday so after I got off work I headed for the festivities. The girls rented a condo in myrtle beach for the night. They had gotten there a few hours before me, so when I walked in the place was decorated so pretty.

Cute decorations!

Adorable favors and shadow box! Love it all!

Although I mentioned I wasn't into the typical bachelorette scene- I knew the girls were not going to let me get out of it all that easily. I walked into the condo and there was a cute little pink Christmas tree decorated with lots of interesting goodies. All for good fun, I assure you. Oh the laughs as I plundered through this tree.

 The girls think they got jokes.
After we hung out for a little while we all got ready and headed out to dinner. We had reservations at Midtown Bistro. If you have never been there I highly recommend it. I literally cut my filet mignon with a fork people. Talk about delicious. Okay, now I am hungry. Anyways- we met up with the rest of the group (family, and more friends) to eat. Then they made me open presents. Right there in front of the.whole.resturant. HA! Little did the other customers know they were getting dinner and a show. Now I won't be putting pictures of all my goodies on here but I will say I got some really cute things, some very practical things, some not so practical things that will never, ever be used, and some really cute PJ's from my mother-in-law that I wore on our honeymoon and I thought Sam was going to kill her. Lots of laughs and good food. It was perfect.

Pretty Bridesmaids.
Hickman Ladies! Love these ladies so much.

My D'Agnese women. Love love love them.
My mamas and dear friend Hanna-Lee!

After dinner the bridesmaids and I came back to the condo for more presents and games. The girls had put together a poem for me and with each little riddle came a pair of panties that went along with it. So cute and thoughtful. I loved it. We started the games that Laura had put together for us. Pictionary, Pin the Junk on the Hunk, and a question game. She called Sam and asked him questions and I had to guess his answer. With each wrong answer I had to put a marshmallow in my mouth. Now despite the pictures that make it look like I have 10 marshmallows in my mouth- I thought I did pretty well with this game. We stayed up pretty late talking and hanging out. It was the perfect night and I had so much fun. I sure do love my bridesmaids and I am so thankful for everything they did for me!

So classy.

My babies! Can't believe they are almost a year old!
I make my mom proud. HA!
More fun!
Oh boy.
Love them!



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