Happy Birthday, Ma!

As most of you know today is my beautiful mothers birthday! I wanted to take a minute and share with you a few things about my mother. My mother is very hardworking- She gets one day off each week. I have not once ever heard her seriously complain about it. I'd like to think that she is the reason that I take working so seriously. She always made me work for my extras- which I can so appreciate now as an adult. She has taught me the value of a dollar- and despite what I thought when I was 16 that it does actually feel better when you work hard for something that you want instead of it getting handed to you. I no longer harbor bitter feelings about being the only teenager to have to pay bills in high school....HA!

My mother is very strict in her faith. She knows what she believes and there is no swaying her. Her yes means yes and her no means no. I am thankful for that as well. She taught us that our relationship with Christ is far more important than anything else on this earth. She is also one of the best mothers and grandmother I know. She goes above and beyond for her loved ones. I can only pray that one day I can be half the mom she is. 

And last but not least my mother is my very best friend. I look at so many girls that don't value their relationship with their moms and it makes me hurt. I don't know what I would do without her. She keeps me sane. I know that no matter what I can count on her for anything. She will always be my biggest fan. I love you so much mom! Happy Birthday!




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